[GITLAB] — Server Side Request Forgery in “Project Import” page.

I decided to share a story about my first bug bounty earned in HackerOne. It’s about SSRF vulnerability that had been previously exploited by other h1 members.

The Gitlab team implemented several patches in order to remediate the issue. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, so I was able to bypass the latest applied fix.

Technical Analysis

Let’s go over the report created by “edoverflow” — https://hackerone.com/reports/215105.

As you can see the author successfully exploited SSRF vulnerability in “Project Import” page even though the patch had already been implemented.

You have blocked the usage of, http://localhost/, etc., but http://0177.1/ and http://0x7f.1/, for instance, can still be used to scan internal ports.


To resolve the aforementioned issue, the reporter suggested to:

Block decimal, octal and hex localhost notation.

At this moment, some thoughts came to my mind … What would happen if I used redirection?

Anyway, I started to look for a way to bypass the latest patch applied by the team so at first, I hosted my “redirect.php” on my VPS server.
The URL was “HTTP://<IP>/redirect.php” and the file contained the following code:

<?php header(“Location:”); ?>


I would like to clarify that I executed “nc -lvvp 1339” on the GitLab server in order to open port “1339” and confirm that SSRF was possible.

I reproduced the same steps as the author did.

  1. Create a new project.

After creating the project, I successfully received a connection on the listener.

root@debian:/home/test# nc -lvvp 1339 
listening on [any] 1339 ...
connect to [] from localhost [] 39282
GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: localhost:1339
User-Agent: git/2.14.3
Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Pragma: no-cach

It turned out that “Server-Side Request Forgery” was still possible with the redirection technique.


Any user with regular access to Gitlab can leverage it to access the internal network, perform port scanning etc … To remediate the issue it is highly recommended to disable the “Follow Redirection” property until any security patches are applied.

One year later, Gitlab board decided to reward me $1,500.




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